2017 Community Update

2017 Community Update

Throughout society, cultures and history we have had ‘spaces’ where people lived, worked and met for community.  Whether it is the village, the piazza or the tribal circle.

For modern Australians the cafe culture, shopping malls, parks, churches and community centres are places where we might meet to fulfil this very basic human need to relate and connect with others.

Our fast pace modern digital driven lives threatens to isolate and take us away from being part of a vital community.  The ‘Woolshed’ has been brought back to life to be a ‘space’ that helps build and create an experience of  community!


The ‘Woolshed’s’ history is that it has already been a part of the Illawarra region and the experience of its people for many years.  In fact this iconic building and surrounding property has been a local for over 100 years!


Restoration has taken place to the building to bring it back to it’s original ‘rural and rustic’ charm, a reminder of a more simple and slower time.  A ‘space’ where you can escape the different worlds that we exist in that bring demand to our lives.


The Woolshed is moving forward to be an innovative community space.  The ‘Woolshed’ team will gather and curate those cafe’s, restaurants, events, community activities and organisations that genuinely want to contribute to this unique vision to create healthy community.

To learn more, or for a guided tour of The Woolshed, Contact Us.

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