Art @ The Woolshed

Current Exhibitions

Bernadette Harrigan

Now retired, when time permits Bernadette is revisiting that creative side of her inner kid who loved to draw. I also use my art to express her inner grief about unresolved community and international conflict and trauma.
Reasonably versatile, she is currently interested in stylised faces and social justice themes though occasionally I will be inspired to focus on landscapes. Bernadette is more traditional in style and work with watercolour, acrylics, oil and charcoal. She is inspired by Banksy’s work.


Lorena Chivu

Lorena, originally from Romania now lives on the beautiful South Coast, she works with several types of media with her current preference being acrylic and resin with ink. She identifies herself as an artist that is practicing both realism and modern abstract style and in her latest paintings this fusion of style can be observed as she brings to life the elements of nature.
Lorena is inspired by living on the beautiful south coast as she captures our beautiful coastlines and bush.


Renee Kamaretsos

Renee is a local South Coast Artist and having lived in Europe for several years and traveled extensively, she acquires inspiration from her surroundings to create beautiful contemporary art.
Renee has a great energy and enthusiasm for painting a variety of different genres and mediums. The freedom of watercolour, the unlimited expanse in seascapes & landscapes, the curves of the human figure are all fundamental elements in the creation of her desirable artworks.
Renee captures the mood, harmony and rich palette of colours that nature provides.
Renee’s private studio is located at the Timber Mill Studios in Bulli *Commissions are Welcome”
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