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Renee Kamaretsos

Renee is a local South Coast Artist and having lived in Europe for several years and traveled extensively, she acquires inspiration from her surroundings to create beautiful contemporary art.
Renee has a great energy and enthusiasm for painting a variety of different genres and mediums. The freedom of watercolour, the unlimited expanse in seascapes & landscapes, the curves of the human figure are all fundamental elements in the creation of her desirable artworks.
Renee captures the mood, harmony and rich palette of colours that nature provides.
Renee’s private studio is located at the Timber Mill Studios in Bulli *Commissions are Welcome”
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Roslyn Gard

Nature has always been Roslyn’s inspiration in life. Now photography has given her another way to experience and understand these worlds and to communicate, to the viewer, the visual beauty of the natural world as she sees it.
These images of nature are created with a flatbed scanner and referred to as photoscanography.
Roslyn used natural forms, including living ones, to create new relationships, realities, and surreal combinations. All phases of nature interest me, the beauty and perfection of early stages to the decay and fade of later ones. The images are the result of extended periods of time getting to know the light, colours, shapes and textures of my subject matter and the collection and placement of organic materials, plants, flowers, feathers, even live insects that find their way into my compositions to become part of a story.
It is through this process of intimate discovery that Roslyn identifies the subject matter and the abstract qualities she wishes to emphasize in her final images. For Roslyn a successful image has a mysterious quality and also stirs people. Her underlying intention is to provoke a response from the viewer about familiar notions of beauty, relationship and form.